Safety and Excellence.
A benchmark of rafting in Patagonia Argentina.

Since 1995 Aguas Blancas Rafting is one of the most known and respected tour operator for rafting trips in the San Carlos de Bariloche area, in the Nahuel Huapí National Park. Our major concern is to offer the best service in every aspect of our rafting outings so most of our clients take more than once our rafting adventure tours; also the word of mouth multiplies each year the Aguas Blancas Rafting fans. All the above mentioned statements make our company a benchmarker in rafting activities in Patagonia.

Safety, excellence in service and entertainment are the corner stone, basic characteristics which define Aguas Blancas Rafting. Safety is first, so in Aguas Blancas we have top quality equipment that meets the highest level of the strict and thoroughly safety and quality controls to guarantee safety always, certified by the Argentine Marine Force and National Parks' Administration.

The rafting excursions are meant to be enjoyed every single minute. So we put and extra stress on service excellence and that it reflects throughout the whole excursion: from the transfer service to the exquisite meals we serve at the rafting excursions.

We know that the 'main course' of our excursion is the entertainment. So our guides were selected not only by their technical skills but also by their human values, kindness, good mood and good sense of humor. They are responsible to create a friendly and relax atmosphere, the ideal combination to highly enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Everything supported by Naval Prefecture Argentina and National Parks.


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