Team Building

We provide resources for Corporate Events.

The “team building” has taken many different connotations in recent years. In terms of corporate development, team building experiences (challenges, adventures, musicals, dramatizations, etc.) have no direct connection with the activity itself of the company, but these activities serve as tools that produce a high impact of learning Experimental (learning through experience) which has direct application to the daily work in the company.

They are not academic and rigid experiences but on the contrary, the tools themselves make it fun, exciting and memorable; which are transferred to the work relations of the team and to the workplace itself. The “team building” has a fun and entertaining element but the main purpose is to cement the working relationships within a team to make it more efficient and effective within the environment of the company and business.

Aguas Blancas Rafting provides resources for corporate events and team building with which you want to achieve the following objectives

Integration – Coexistence – Incentive and Motivation
Competition – Atmosphere – Cooperation – Combined


The team building programs or incentive trips are adjusted to the different needs of the contracting company.