Here’s a list of the questions we hear most often in our offices. If you have any other questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When is the season for these white water rafting activities on Manso river?

September to May

Is it safe to go white water rafting on Manso river?

Yes it is safe, in the Classic Manso white water river rafting trip, may go children older than 5 years. We never had any kind of accident up to the moment. In the Manso to the frontier white water rafting trip there are greater chances to fall into the water o to flip around the raft, but it is nothing more than a splash because there are support kayakers that will rescue you immediately. We haven´t had any kind of accident in this trip and the minimum age is 14 years.

What should I bring along?

For the Classic Manso trip: a complete cloth change, towel, swimsuit and shoes that can get wet (you are not allowed to go barefooted). Passport For the Manso to the frontier trip you need a towel, swimsuit, footwear that may get wet and a complete cloth change. Passport

How much time do we raft?

The Classic Manso trip: we raft 16 km and according to the stream of the river this might take us between an hour and a half to two hours. This is just rafting time, but we stop for lunch and at the ponds for swimming so the whole trip takes much longer. The Manso to the frontier trip: it is about 12 km long and the rafting time is more o less the same a the Classic Manso trip. We raft without stopovers, unless the river conditions requires us to stop.

Do I need previous experience?

We recommend that you have some previous experience if you go to the Manso to the frontier trip (class III rapids) mostly to have an idea what is rafting about, but it is not mandatory. If you haven’t any doubt then just go ahead! The Classic Manso is good for a previous experience and great for beginners to get used to this sport and to feel comfortable while enjoying it.

Is it mandatory to swim when I go on a rafting trip?

In the Classic Manso rafting trip not, because it is just a class II stream rapids river section, but for the Manso to the frontier rafting trip is more than recommended, because you have much more chances of a splash.

May children come along on a rafting trip on Manso river?

Yes, in the Classic Manso trip may come children from five years onward, this rafting trip is specially designed as a family rafting trip for families with young kids. Children under 12 years have to go with at least one of the parents. In Manso to the frontier rafting trip children have to be at least 14 years old.

Do we have to bring along our food?

No, in the Classic Manso lunch and an afternoon snack are included. And at the border there is a wide variety of food options to choose. (That is paid on the spot)

Can I take my own photo camera?

Yes, just bring it. Along the road there are great sightseeing spots to take pictures and on the raft we put them into a dry bag, but also if you do not want to risk it you can leave it in the car. Anyway we have a photo service with the trip.

Do we get wet?

Yes, you get soaking wet on ant rafting trip.

Do you suspend the rafting outing if it is rainy?

The rafting outings do not get suspended in case of bad weather or rain. During the rafting you will be using neoprene suits and/or jackets which keeps you warm even if you get wet by the river water (while paddling) or rain. For lunch and snack service we have roofed facilities.